Sunday, January 2, 2011

7 Things Girls And Boys Do During Exams

Seven things gals do in an exam hall - 
  1. Write 
  2. Tuck da hair behind ears. 
  3. Again Write 
  4. Change the empty refill 
  5. Again write 
  6. Ask for xtra sheet 
  7. Again keep writin. 
Seven things boyz do in exam hall - 

  1. Count the number of gals 
  2. Check out the young lady supervisor 
  3. Draw sum modern art on bench 
  4. Revising the location of chits in the pockets 
  5. Seeing the brand name of the pen 
  6. Regreting wasting the last nite, studying 
  7. Deciding the chapters to b put in option for the next exam... 
Nd after exams... 

Gals: U know paper bohot kharab gya, It was so lengthy I cudn't draw a diagram.... I m goin to fall dis time (means my distinction is gone)  

Boyz: Faad dala yaar, sala ek raat padh k paas...Chal party krte h... ;-)

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